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Who does not know this problem?!?

… thrashing noises at the roof

An innovation of BRANDT Edelstahldach GmbH are the so called “thrashing brackets”. In case of metal roofs customers often have problems with thrashingnoises when it is windy. It is very important which material the metal skin is made of. The so called ferrinox®trashing brackets from BRANDT EdelstahldachGmbH are compatible with every material that is used in metal roofing. Theapplication of stainless steel as a neutral material is an enormous advantage. Furthermore, the brackets can be used individually and punctually athigh-noised positions. Another very important point is the use of a special stainless steel which isa spring stainless steel with an extreme durability. It prevents the disruptivenoise disturbance. The expansion is not affected, no matter into whichdirection. The ends of our trashing brackets were consciously curved in order toavoid scratches on the surface.

All together you can say that “After the horse has left the barn…” or better“If the roof once got in disturbance…” these thrashing brackets describe afavourable solution. We offer our trashing brackets in bright or on enquiry also in matt-finishedlayout.