Tinned stainless steel

Tinned stainless steel UGINOX Patina K41 / K44

What is tinned stainless steel and what does it?

The bilateral electrolytic coated tin layer (100% tin) has two functions:

  1. Patina formation (homogeneous matt-grey surface)
  2. The tin layer supports soft-soldering (use ferrinox®4000)

A damage of surface (tin coat) does not lead to rust because the internal stainless steel does not corrode. Tinned stainless steels (UGINOX Patina K41 / K44) will be delivered with un-weathered tin coating.

UGINOX Patina K41 / K44 after been installed

UGINOX Patina K41 / K44 Patina formation become homogeneous matt-grey surface