Matt-finished stainless steel

Matt-finished stainless steel (UGINOX Top) – matt surface

(material no. 1.4301 and 1.4404)

Matt-finished stainless steel is a rust-proof steel with a matt finishing on both sides. Already at manufacturing it has a very diffuse, matt grey surface. Matt-finished stainless steel is easy to use and fulfils all demands made on roofing today. It is perfectly integrable in every rural or urban environment and blends well with traditional as well as modern architectural styles. It is compatible with other materials used in daily roofer life (for example wood).

Matt-finished stainless steel is available in widths up to 1250mm and in thicknesses from 0,4mm up to 1mm. It is suited as roofing material and especially to encase bottom views or fronts. The material is adjusted to all usual processing technologies and can be passed as standing seam or on cross fillets with material thickness 0,4mm or 0,5mm. The material has such a little expansion coefficient that one can use elements with lengths of 15cm up to 20cm depending on bandwidth. Its low weight 3kg/m² up to 4kg/m² allows a hauling on suspension constructions.

Available dimensions

  • material thickness: 0,4 and 0,5mm
  • maximum width: 1250mm
  • available as broad band, slit strip and sheets

Advantages and characteristics

  • keeps its diffuse, matt grey surface
  • high corrosion resistance (1.4404 militant air ratio)
  • high mechanical stability
  • little dimension
  • compatible with other materials used for roofs and fronts, all kinds of wood, fibreboards, mortar, cement, chalk and metals (in spite of unprotected steel)
  • unobjectionable soft solderability (with use of ferrinox®4000)

Examples for Matt-finished stainless steel

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