FTE – UGINOX Patina K41

Tinned stainless steel FTE (UGINOX Patina K41) – Rustproof ferritic stainless steel

As per DIN 17.441/EN 10088-2 with material no. 1.4509

FTE is a rustproof, ferritic, tinned stainless steel (1.4509) with a chrome steel (magnetic) percentage of 17%, 0,59% titanium and an additional tin coating. It is used for roof drainage and roofing since more than 40 years because of its high corrosion resistance against atmospheric influences. We offer this kind of stainless steel for all usual products like gutters, downpipes, eaves flashings, etc. in thicknesses of 0,4mm and 0,5mm.
Accessories like end pieces, sockets, angles can also be produced in 0,4mm and 0,5mm thickness.

Available dimensions

  • material thickness: 0,4 and 0,5mm
  • maximum width: 1000 or rather 1160mm
  • available as broad band, slit strip and sheets

Advantages and characteristics

  • consistent against many oxidizing acids and bases
  • consistent against bitumen and its decomposition products – even without protective coating
  • consistent against cement and lime mortar
  • UV-consistent and rot resistant
  • compatible with all kinds of wood (chip- and hard boards, etc.)
  • consistent against exhaust gas from oil-fired heatings
  • no contact corrosion in connection with zinc or copper
  • environmentally beneficial and break-proof
  • unobjectionable soft solderability (with use of ferrinox®4000)

Examples for tinned stainless steel

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