Rolled blank stainless steel

Rolled blank stainless steel – milky sparkling surface

Material no. 1.4301 and others on demand

Rolled blank stainless steel is an ideal material for roofing and roof drainage because of its little expansion coefficient. It is not subject to the so called cold brittleness so that backside corrosion due to condensation water or incoming humidity cannot appear.

Processing of stainless steel drainage and roofing systems can be done with usual roofer and plumber tools. But you have to pay attention to the formation of extraneous rust. It is very important to use a special fluxing agent for soldering and – in contrast to tinned stainless steel – special stainless steel rivets should be used additionally. The soldering seam has to be cleaned accurately, mainly at the bottom view.

Available dimensions

  • material thickness: 0,4 and 0,5mm
  • maximum width: 1000mm
  • available as broad band, slit strip and sheets

Advantages and characteristics

  • high-grade visual appearance
  • unobjectionable soft solderability in spite of missing tinning (with use of ferrinox®4000)
  • high corrosion resistance
  • high mechanical stability
  • little dimenison
  • for folding winterly temperatures do not matter

Examples for Rolled blank stainless steel

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