monument conservation

Dachentwässerung verzinnt Denkmalschutz
Denkmalschutz verzinnter Edelstahl
verzinnter Edelstahl für Denkmalschutz

Tinned stainless steel is the perfect material for monument conservation

Monument protection – accurate improvement

The tin-coating for trouble-free soft soldering which also serves as anti-friction agent soon produces a natural, matt patina that does not differ visually from old historical material. This is very important for an improvement of historical buildings. With tinned stainless steel for roofing and roof drainage the next generation will not have to care about it and the generation after very probably neither.

Currently, especially in case of monument protection, every Euro counts. Not everything that seems favourable at first sight can hold up a second view. Conversely counts: what may seem expensive at first sight may shape up as favourable later, especially in case of roofing and roof drainage.

Tinned stainless steel can be processed very thin. Instead of thicknesses between 0,6 mm and 0,7 mm in case of other materials, tinned stainless steel is produced in thicknesses of 0,4 mm and 0,5 mm. Result: with 1 ton tinned stainless steel and the same cut you can lay more than 280m² roof area. Using copper for example, in consequence of its high weight, it will be much less roof area. Also the static strain (important for old building fabric) turns out much more light with 3,0 up to 3,1kg/m² . In comparison zinc has got a weight of 5,0kg/m2 and copper 5,8kg/m².

Some reference objects dealing with „monument protection“

  • Rathaus in Bonn: Dachentwässerung
  • St. Bartholomäus Kirche in Köln-Porz: Eingedeckte Dachfläche sowie teilweise Dachentwässerung
  • St. Marien Kirche in Bonn: Dachentwässerung und Abdeckung
  • Labor der Uni in Bonn: Kassettenfassade
  • St. Maximilian-Kolbe Kirche in Köln-Porz: Dacheindeckung
  • St. Cyriakus Kirche in Grevenbroich: Dacheindeckung und Entwässerung
  • St. Josef Baptist Kirche in Thenhoven: Dachentwässerung
  • St. Aloysius Kapelle in Leverkusen: Dachentwässerung
  • St. Pantaleon Kirche in Köln: Dachentwässerung