FME – UGINOX Patina K44

Tinned stainless steel FME (UGINOX Patina K44) – Rustproof ferritic stainless steel

As per DIN 17.441/EN 10088-2 / EN 10088-4 with material no. 1.4521

FME is a Molybdän stabilized, rustproof, ferritic stainless steel with an electrolytically tinned coating on both sides and material no. 1.4521. Because of its perfect corrosion resistance it is primarily used in industrial areas with militant air ratio. FB Edelstahldach GmbH offers all usual products like gutters, downpipes, eaves flashings, etc. out of this stainless steel in a thickness of 0,5mm. Accessories like end pieces, sockets, etc. can also be produced for you. Globally BRANDT Edelstahldach GmbH is the only supplier for a product range of tinned stainless steel in quality 1.4521.

Available dimensions

  • material thickness: 0,5mm
  • maximum width: 1160mm
  • available as broad band, slit strip and sheets

Advantages and references

  • natural corrosion resistance for all kinds of environmental circumstances: effectively permanent in rural, urban or usual industrial environment
  • matches with all roofs built by actual practices (see NF DTU 40.44 French norms)
  • without consultation it is not recommended to be used directly inshore
  • not suited for use in weathering protected areas or vertical laying (visual appearance)
  • unobjectionable soft solderability (with use of ferrinox®4000)
  • suggestion for standing seam and self-supporting roofs and accessories
  • In threshold to FME do not work with other metals which could lead to contamination!
  • Avoid a use of steel containing cleaning pads, steel wool or abrading mediums based on powder!
  • A use of chloride containing mordants is forbidden!
  • we suggest to flush with water or possibly with cleaner after soldering

Examples for tinned stainless steel