Apartment building with UGITOP

Building project in Münster-Wolbeck

Hiltruper Strasse, examined carefully after one year

At the end of 2004 we have already written about the above mentioned building project. As you can see the decision for UGITOP material in 580 x 0,4 mm was the right one. The material which was processed in winter is now, after one year, in perfect constitution.
This building project consisting of roof covering, front cladding and drainage of stainless steel is an eye-catcher and will stay like this for generations. As you can see in the pictures the processor, the company Plenter, made use of great details like for example safety roof hooks, especially manufactured stainless steel standpipes with a length of 2000 mm and access eye from BRANDT Edelstahldach GmbH.

This object adduces evidence that right now one can do nearly everything with UGITOP or rather stainless steel in general – it can even hold solar panels. Altogether you can say that the object is a prime example for the use of stainless steel today with its detail and safety solutions.